Bras Basah Complex: A Cool Place for Books, Stationery & Art Supplies

Bras Basah Complex has been around for ages, since I was a kid in the 80’s. It’s the place you go to for books and art supplies. I hadn’t visited this place for a few years and this time, everywhere I looked were assessment books and stacks of exam papers – a true reflection of our exam oriented culture which I’m not very fond of. I prefer real learning. But that’s no fault of this historical building which transports me back to a more innocent time. Even the garish colours used to paint parts of the structure seem pretty cool to me now. I’m starting to appreciate all the things I took for granted as I was growing up.

The bookstore that wins my heart is Basheer. It’s like a historical landmark and they sell my favourite magazine Frankie here. Lots of graphic design books and even the illustrated works of Miyazaki. His animation is so cool. I think my cousin would love this place as she wants to fill her future home with coffee table books.

I also loved the new little stationery & knick knack store that’s tucked away in this old complex – Cat Socrates.

I wanted to buy some dough to play with – this seems so fun.

And paint brushes at the art supply store made B long to paint again. Unrelenting Corporate life often gets in the way of art. Especially with the non stop emails and blackberries.

Garish but very 80’s Singapore.

The stuff of nightmares for kids – stacks of exam papers for practice. It’s no wonder there is such a high incidence of myopia among Singapore kids. (but I must say the shocking pink was attractive)

Cool benches where you can rest awhile and sit in silence. There was hardly anyone there and it was the weekend too.

Just across from this old book complex – the majestic Raffles Hotel.

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6 Responses to Bras Basah Complex: A Cool Place for Books, Stationery & Art Supplies

  1. Cloudywind says:

    they do have very good design books in Basheer BUT these good books are not cheap, so i always try not to go in wif a full wallet! LOL!

    but frankly, we need more activities to be organised in Bras Basah (i rem they used to have book signings etcs at the center area) to make it more active bef somebody decided to pull down the place…

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