Confused About Which is the Best Curry Chicken Stall at Queensway: Famous or Original?

I’m so confused about which is the stall that has the better curry chicken at Queensway but all I know is that I loved what I had. Chose the famous curry chicken stall (even though it may be more famous for the laksa as Anthony Bourdain tried the laksa there – his photo with the stall owner from years ago is proof). Bread with curry chicken is the best comfort food I can think of. Had just a small bowl at S$3.50 which came with 3 slices of white bread. So incredibly good because the curry is rich with coconut. It’s a chinese style curry that has more sweetness than spice to it.

I’m more interested in the curry than the chicken itself. The chicken is nothing special. I chose this stall because I recall they had really good teh alia (ginger tea with milk) here. Not as good as Kampong Glam or Tekka Market, but not too shabby as the ginger is strong.

B went for the Anthony Bourdain laksa. Well it’s actually Katong laksa that nows are numerous stalls with the same name all around Singapore. But I find it pale and insipid. My pick is the Depot Road claypot laksa that’s now at Alexandra Village hawker centre. Pretty near Queensway actually.

I love this old picture of him.

Why is he dressed so warm though? He must have been sweating after the laksa.

It’s so confusing because on the other section of Queensway there’s another stall selling curry chicken and laksa as well. In Singapore a common conundrum. Which is the original and superior stall? I didn’t go for this one though and I think I made the right choice? Tell me if you know.

Even though it says original curry chicken I went for the famous curry chicken instead. That stall was more crowded but perahaps it was also due to fewer seats? Perhaps I should try this stall on another occasion.

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3 Responses to Confused About Which is the Best Curry Chicken Stall at Queensway: Famous or Original?

  1. anonymous says:

    geez the 3 slices of bread are laughable! shouldn’t they serve baguette with chicken curry?

  2. Bo Bo Brazil says:

    The white looking laksa is laughable.
    But with most customers knowing little about the genuine stuff, these vendors will get away with the rubbish they produce. Like over-rated Singapore “chilly” crab… hardly chilli but loads of tomato ketchup. LOL! Call a spade a spade… tomato crab!
    Same with coconutty “curries”. Do you want a genuine curry or chicken floating in coconut milk?

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