Queensway Shopping Centre: Cheap Pants Alteration, Curry Chicken & Soccer Jerseys

I’m not that fond of coming to Queensway Shopping Centre unless there is a purpose or unless I get to have curry chicken. The curry chicken here is out of this world and requires a whole other post.

Queensway as we call it, is B’s favourite sports clothing haunt, not mine. It’s just opposite from Ikea (which is where I’d rather be browsing). But I have to admit it’s a pretty cool place and I would miss it if it were gone. It’s a good place to get custom made T shirts done too. The top floor has a whole load of photocopying and photo printing stores. Once I recall I even came here to get trophies for the office karaoke competition. It’s also the place for deals on things like track shoes and tennis rackets. But you need to bargain and ask for a discount. We always say “But we always buy so much from you…” if the discount is not forthcoming. (I can’t helping laughing inside as I’m typing this)

Guess I’m just put off by the crowds. Mostly soccer fans here looking for the latest jersey. I overhead some funny conversations at the soccer jersey store. A guy commented that the latest Manchester United Jersey “Looks like a tablecloth, but when my brother comes down here, he sure confirm buy”. I was giggling on the inside because I was not impressed by the jersey either. Another guy came by and said that “they have run out of ideas.” Think they all thought the red checkered design was ugly, but ardent fans would still buy it. I hardly watch any soccer (made an exception for the world cup) so I just don’t get it. The complete opposite of B, who is a fan.

Actually we were trying to find an alternative place for clothing alteration. Mainly a cheap place where you can shorten the length of your pants for instance. But Meng Meng at Queensway still seems to be the cheapest and fastest option. I think it was about S$6 (B says S$4) per item and took just half an hour. The lady tailors are very jovial too.

The whole place was looking festive, decorated for Hari Raya Haji which falls this year on Friday the 26th of October.

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20 Responses to Queensway Shopping Centre: Cheap Pants Alteration, Curry Chicken & Soccer Jerseys

  1. Cloudywind says:

    the katong laksa and tutu kueh there are to die for too! 🙂

  2. ACG says:

    $6 for alteration! That is a rip off! Come to Woodlands, its only $2 for shortening the pants or jeans does not matter how long you wish to be taken out. Its the old Woodlands Town Center opposite the Singapore Immigration Checkpoint in the hidden alleys. There are several tailors there who all charge the same price all thru the decades. Yes, you heard it right. No price increase.
    However, this old town center will be entirely demolished soon in 2016 to make way for BTO flats.

    • bookjunkie says:

      Oh dear so sad to hear they will be gone in 2016. That’s a fantastic price.

      Think I got the pricing wrong though. Checked with my partner and he says it was S$4 per piece.

  3. I grew up with Queensway Shopping Centre! So sad to hear it’s going away in 2016. Where do you get that news from?

    Anyway just a tip here, for those who think they can get good discount for sports shoes from many of the stores there, you are very wrong!

    Most of them are owned by the same proprietors and you will know because they get their runners to run to another shop to get the specific size / color if the current shop runs out. And I personally know one boss who owns 4 of such shops.

    So if you really want cheap shoes, you need to scour the whole building for the best deal or if not just make do with the “pre-fixed” discount they offered. 🙂

  4. Hi there,

    my bad. I got the info wrong. I guess it will still be around for quite some time. By the way, keep up the good work! I like reading your blog 🙂

  5. Josh Tan says:

    Hi, chance upon your blog while searching for good place to alter my pants. Would like to find out if the alteration shop is still open for business. In Singapore, businesses come and go pretty fast.

  6. Fai says:

    What time the shop close?

  7. kong kai long says:

    any football jersey alteration services in Singapore?

  8. dropsof says:

    oh my goodness. I called to ask what time they closes the shop but heyyyy. she hang up on me!

  9. Ivy says:

    Hi all will sees u all at my shop waiting for you daily
    11am till9pm.. Ivy speaking if you’re altering come by to finds me thanks

  10. Ivy says:

    Do leaves a text ok Ll things increased this days no longer $4:)..@$5 -6$ each now:) within max an hour depending how many pieces

  11. YihLong says:

    My mum is a 1st Gen Singaporean clothes alterer too, so I was quite surprised that you found clothes alteration at $4, till I realised your post is 2012 haha. I know a little about this profession because my mum is always talking about it. Also love the curry chicken there too!, when I bring my car to Bukit Merah beside for servicing

    If anyone needs alteration services and particularly if you live in the east, you can contact my mum too, Mdm Chan, at 64416812.

    She provides alteration services freelance from home, and this has always been her passion and was her previous profession. Her location is at Blk 23 Chai Chee Road, Bedok area. All my friends and related family look for her for alteration because the workmanship is high quality.

    Can call her directly to ask about the service you need, price and other details at 64416812.

    Many thanks 🙂

  12. Jenn says:

    Meng Meng Tailoring charged $25 for altering my Banana Republic dress. I thought it was a good deal, but was very unhappy when I collected the dress. In my opinion, it was a terrible job! Went home and found the dress lining torn (if I could attach a picture, I would show u). To my dismay, they changed the detailed design of the dress into a simple slit. I would NOT recommend anyone going to Meng Meng for tailoring services.

    If anyone can recommend a good quality tailor, please share.


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