I Adore the Cafes at Cluny Court

I only recently discovered that the new Botanic Gardens entrance is much nearer to Cluny Court than the Botanic Gardens Visitor’s Centre Cafe and the Cafes here are much nicer too. I would come again to Gastronomia Da Paolo and the newer cafes if only they were not so crowded on the weekend. Must be pretty nice on a weekday though. I like the laid back vibe.

The cupcakes were pretty and so yummy too. You must like the kind made with sweet icing sugar though. Some people might find this too sweet. I very much like the pastries at this cafe.

The Almond Croissant was good too. Ask them to heat it up but they made it a bit too hot.


Had a flat white. Not the best coffee but all right.

You can choose to sit inside or outside. I saw people with their puppies outside so it seems to be a pet friendly cafe.

Would have loved to try Society Canteen, but it was way too crowded. Not a seat available and people were standing around. I guess you could always walk up to Serene Centre and try your luck with the Cafes there.

So convenient for me with the Botanic Gardens MRT station right across the road. I’m truly loving the circle line.

Lots of interesting stores here. Especially those carrying items for kids.

Another Cafe called Simply Bread and I bet it has a nice view too. There’s Wild Rocket here as well.

And a cool furnishing store with this strikingly pretty purple chandelier.

There’s Cold Storage here too.

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  1. Miso says:

    I just went there last week! But didn’t try the cafe there…

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  3. Best dress shops in singapore are located upstairs! I love that place!

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