I Have to Agree with Anthony Bourdain about Apolo’s Fishhead Curry

The Banana Leaf Apolo’s fish head curry, is a tangy spicy dish that will truly satisfy. I feel that I had to rectify that I had only tried this perhaps one or two times and since this place is so lauded by Anthony Bourdain I had to blog about it. So far I haven’t had better fish head curry. The sweet lassi is excellent too and a great complement to the spiciness of the curry. I’m so glad they didn’t reduce the spice level as I like my food really hot. Been having chilli since I was a toddler so I’m used to it.

The fish was really fresh but as with all fish dishes be careful not to swallow the bones. I’ve had many a bone down the throat incidents and it’s no fun. I guess it’s why I rarely have fish (not counting fish and chips of Filet O’ Fish of course)

I wouldn’t recommend the tea here. I’ve had better at places like Samy’s Curry.

Can’t beat the masala chicken at Samy’s Curry (Dempsey).

The picture of Krishna attracted us.

Lots of tourists here, but sometimes tourists have it right.

To see the Singapore segment, fast forward 6 minutes into the video of A Cook’s Tour. Bourdain will make you so hungry the way he’s eating. So funny too, the banter with his cheeky host. Gosh I do love watching the original show.


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