Our Hong Kong Trip Back in 2007: Day 1

I’ve been to Hong Kong a total of 4 times and thought I should dig up photos from my last trip with B in 2007. You see, my cousin’s going there in December and I thought I should jog my memory and show us the places I visited. Thought it might be useful for readers too even though it was 5 years ago and I’m sure Hong Kong has changed quite a bit since then. Will also be keen to hear from her how the vibrant city has changed since then. One no good thing I’m guessing is the air quality with the fast development and factories in China, but I guess it will be ok if you’re indoors in the swanky malls. And perhaps during the cool rainy winter, the air will be cleaner. Also might be really fun for her during the Christmas festivities. Another relative says that Hong Kong is like Singapore on steroids and I think that’s very true. It’s definitely buzzing and if you’re very much a city person who loves shopping, dining and club hopping, it will appeal to you.

I recall The Spaghetti House fondly. It’s a Hong Kong chain and I really like the Japanese style sweetish pasta. It was our first meal there.

The place is buzzing with neon signs – a bit like an Asian Timesquare and now looking back at the photos, I recall the unique bamboo scaffolding – so much prettier than steel.

Kewpie dolls were one of the hot trends then. It’s a great place if you’re into collectible toys.

The famous Nathan Road.

The hotel we picked Langham Place was in Mong Kok and connected to a huge mall. I didn’t check Tripadvisor those days but it’s nice to see that it’s now ranked pretty high still at #6 over 407 hotels in Hong Kong. At the time this was famed to be the tallest escalator. I think similar to what Singapore has at Stadium MRT, but perhaps this one was slightly longer.

Inside the futuristic looking mall.

Link between the mall and hotel. Great for solo travellers who love shopping and convenience.

We watched old Seinfeld episodes that night – always great.

Cosy, not too small room. Not Japan standard small I mean. Very clean and pretty swanky with a transparent door for the shower (there were blinds for privacy).

It’s rather fun to blog about the old trip, but my memory is hazy and I really should blog immediately after a trip to preserve moments in my mind and all the little details while they are fresh. But the photos do help me recall the holiday.

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5 Responses to Our Hong Kong Trip Back in 2007: Day 1

  1. carrotoh says:

    that’s really long overdue post 🙂 heehee.

    • bookjunkie says:

      Oh cool. Thanks so much for all the links. She will really appreciate it and I’m keen to look at them too 🙂

      Already eager for Lombok after reading your post about that place.

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