Our Hong Kong Trip Back in 2007: Day 2

View from our hotel – Langham Place. The room had a similar view and you can see how densely packed the city is, even more than Singapore.

But at least Hong Kong has hills in the distance.

I also now recall lots of cool art in the lobby.

Back through the linkway connecting the hotel and mall.

The streets look so different in the day time. I think Hong Kong is definitely a night time place with all the neon lights. One of those places on earth that doesn’t sleep a wink.

View from the train as we headed out towards the outlet mall that B wanted to check out – Citygate Outlets.

Very convenient like how Singapore is now – all connected. But I guess Hong Kong was more advanced then as this was 5 years ago. I recall that the malls had way better prices then Singapore too.

We had to have Dim Sum when in Hong Kong. We chose Federal Palace in the mall. But I recall having better Dim Sum in one of the old restaurants during an even older trip we took back in 2002. This was probably similar standard to Crystal Jade if I recall right.

But it’s literally impossible to have a bad meal in Hong Kong. I don’t recall any bad meals.

The iPod was very hot then and hence this picture.

Clean and not so crowded trains.

More of the collectible toys and I recall the Blythe doll (one with the huge head and eyes) was very hot then.

And sculptures at the hotel. And this makes me think that Singapore is now like Hong Kong with more of an appreciation for art and a lot more public sculptures which we lacked back then.

Weird to see a restaurant called Toa Payoh.

Seibu was their big department store.

Loved the billboard for The Spaghetti House.

I’m so predictable and boring wanting to eat here again and so we had yummy pasta for dinner again. Now this type of pasta is so easily available in Singapore at places like Ma Maison, but it was special to me back then. And it was the hottest chain in Hong Kong then. Lots of well dressed young couples were spotted.

One more sculpture at the hotel before we went back to the hotel to watch TV and sleep. It’s terrible to admit this but watching TV in the hotel is fun. I guess it’s because I hardly watch TV and it’s nice to watch the unique ads, news and documentaries that are only shown in a particular country.

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  1. ThinkPinkToo says:

    I think we are going to be staying at Langham Place too!!

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