Our Hong Kong Trip Back in 2007: Day 3

So far the trip seems a tad boring, but perhaps it was because I wasn’t taking pictures with an intention to blog about the trip. It’s funny how blogging itself can make a trip more fascinating. I’m hoping it gets more interesting on Day 3. I’m writing this post as I am looking at the old photos for the first time in 5 years so it’s pretty fun. A bit like journeying all over again. Makes me yearn to go on another short holiday somewhere new soon.

Went into New World Centre. Guess I didn’t enjoy the trip as much because it was one mall after another. I like a bit of nature. But if you love shopping and never been to Hong Kong, it’ll be lovely. And it’s nice at the end of the year when the weather is cool.

I do recall being enticed by many lovely cafes.

It sure was nice to get to the harbour. But I can imagine how much lovelier it would be sipping cocktails and having the splendid view of the harbour all lit up at night. I’ve seen photos of the spectacular view online. But us old fogies didn’t do that.

If you’ve never been to Hong Kong a harbour cruise might be nice too.

It was extremely windy and pleasant.

A trip on a junk boat would be pretty sweet.

Lunch break at the harbour. I can’t believe every meal wasn’t Cantonese food. What a travesty, but as I said before every meal was great and I do love sandwiches.

The famous sculpture of Bruce Lee.

I think B brought me to another shopping district and it was more collectible toys or at least these captivated me enough for me to want to take a photo.

The sales here are real and will be even better at year end I think.

Please don’t laugh, but we were extremely excited to see a Krispy Kreme. To think 5 years later we are soon to get them in Singapore. What a long wait though. They were as good as I imagined. B had them in the US and had described them to me, enticing me even further and I wasn’t disappointed.


Just love the pink and blue signs.

Back to Nathan Road.

This type of shopping seems much more fun. On the streets.

Stopped for mango pudding with real mango which was a great way to take a break because our feet felt like they were about to fall off by then.

Checked out the hotel pool on the rooftop but didn’t swim.

View from our room.

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  1. anonymous says:

    krispy kreme has pulled out of hk since your visit!

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