Best Restaurant for a Date at Dempsey: Jones the Grocer

The best feeling is when your own family members ask you for recommendations about what to do in Singapore. Made me so happy when Cousin C asked me which the best restaurants at Dempsey were. What immediately popped into my head were: Samy’s Curry, Culina and Jones and Grocer in terms of quality of food, atmosphere and service.

Got me thinking about all the cafes and restaurants I’ve tried here. Huber’s Bistro was way too hot and just doesn’t have enough seating. Margaritas has good food but the inattentive brusque service disappointed us. Also tried Roadhouse where the service is great, but I don’t think C is in the mood for heavy cheese laden American burgers. I had a mediocre experience at Muthu’s and for Indian food I would pick only Samy’s. P S Cafe is a tad too atas for my taste but the ambience is really nice.

Samy’s Curry is my favourite as I do love spicy food on a banana leaf in a rustic setting. I guess if you’re on a date and want to dress up a bit and don’t want curry splashed on your blouse, then I would say go with Culina or Jones the Grocer. But I think prices at Jones are kinder.

I haven’t blogged about my last trip to Jones the Grocer where I tried duck pate for the first time and actually liked it, so here are the pictures from my last visit.

Personally I like air-conditioning so I chose to sit on the inside, but the tables outside may be more conducive for couples. As the tables inside are huge and communal, you may find that your partner is a tad too far across the table for easy conversation.

Natural light, space and high ceilings. Plus all the gourmet food, fresh flowers and pretty decor. It’s all very inviting and makes for a pleasant day out. I came here with D and she said she really liked it and wouldn’t mind coming again for tapas.

Chalk boards add to the cosiness.

D had pear cider while I had a flat white. I had sips of her cider which she taught me how to appreciate. Now I can’t get enough of ciders.

My first time trying tapas like this and duck pate. I was surprised to find that I liked it. I should have let my cousin do all the ordering because this was the item she picked and was better than the other two fried items that I choose.

I was boring and tried to play it safe choosing croquette and chicken wings. I should be more adventurous next time.

This was on a weekday and hence the lack of crowd. I’m a bit worried about recommending this place on the weekends. I’ve always gone by and seen how packed it is. So perhaps on the weekend, head to Culina?

Had to have dessert of course and the cupcake was moist and lovely.

D had cannoli, but she couldn’t finish it.

Although this Jones the Grocer has a lot more natural light flooding the place, and is many times bigger, on the weekends perhaps you should try their smaller restaurant at Mandarin Gallery. Go there for brunch like we did?

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