The Star Vista: New Mall at Buona Vista MRT & My Directory Picks

B likes to hunt for new malls (that seems to be the main thing in Singapore if you want to escape the heat) and he was the one who told me about this place. My first time here and I like it. Not crowded and big walkways appealed very much to me. It’s linked to the MRT and the way it’s designed allows for lots of natural light and fresh air.

The main feature of this mall is the 5000 seat auditorium for concerts I think. I did a bit of googling and found out that the auditorium is actually owned by a church and the retail part by Capital Malls.

It’s more of a food place and there are new restaurants I haven’t tried before.  We had lunch at the Canadian Burger joint Triple O’s which is now my new favourite burger place. Will do another post just about that.

I am not a mall person, but I like the idea about blogging about something when it’s pretty new and many people don’t know about it yet. I guess many people in Singapore don’t know about it because it was not too crowded even on the weekend. And the tots will love this place as it’s got a water fountain. Parents will love it because it has a kiddie changing area just next to it.

Loving the design and generosity in terms of space.  The plants are a nice addition and more malls should have the green touch.

Even though B found this place he wasn’t as impressed as I was. He prefers malls with more shops and I prefer malls with more dining options and good bookstores like Kinokuniya.

The Star Vista mall is located at 1 Vista Exchange Green, Singapore 138617. It’s always so hard to find the postal code so I decided to look for it and add it in this post. If you use GPS to get around the island it may be useful.

Took this photo from Rochester Mall which is just across from it. So there are actually even more dining and grocery shopping options. I’ll do another short post about Rochester Mall which I have talked about before. It’s relatively new too. It’s the one with the nicest looking Starbucks.

As at all Singapore malls there are some of the same outlet you see elsewhere like Texas Chicken. I was more interested in new dining places, but took a picture anyway. I do like the biscuits here.

So many children gleefully playing here. When I was a kid we had no fountains like this.

There’s a Canton Paradise at Katong 112 as well but I haven’t tried it yet.

Lots of natural light and the design reminds of of Changi City Point.

There’s a Scan Teak here as well. A friend of mine would rather buy her furniture here than Ikea as she wants them to last longer. But it’s so much pricier and for me Ikea is fine so far. Nothing broken yet.

Lots of tall beams.

Cold Storage for groceries and I had to take a picture of pumpkins for Halloween.

Candy Empire is here too.

I got some nutella made in Germany from here. It tasted about the same but minus the film of oil at the top that is present in those made in Asia. (transfat?)

A cafe called Fresh that seems to be serving healthy food like simple sandwiches.

Another home furnishing store. A new one I haven’t seen before.

Wanted to try the coffee at Jamaica Blue but we were too stuffed after the burger lunch.

A restaurant called Boston Seafood Shack. Must ask Crystal of Expat Bostonians what she thinks of this. Probably not authentic.

Triple O’s. Glad we picked this place in the end.

A David Foster concert but I would be a lot more keen if Michael Buble was coming.

A very pleasant looking food court called The Kitchen with a superb view of the greenery.

A Taiwanese restaurant that seems very popular.

The MRT connects to the mall at this point.

I squealed with delight on the inside when I saw the Pinocchio. I love imaginative food places.

I wonder if the food quality matches up to the creative design.

I know it’s silly to take a photo of the carpark but I just love the pink.

Parking rates if you’re not coming by MRT.

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7 Responses to The Star Vista: New Mall at Buona Vista MRT & My Directory Picks

  1. Mel says:

    They have Texas Chicken? That’s my fav chicken joint, can go there after my caregiving duties. My friend said that the boston seafood place is like an overpriced long john silvers!

  2. During our vacation to Singapore last August the mall was still under construction and it looked like it would take a while… Amazing how fast it got ready. It looks beautiful and I really missed Singapore after going through the photos! The entire area of Buona Vista, with the Rochester Mall, One North condo, the One North Park and now Star Vista is really a vibrant area, isn’t it?
    Please do think of me if you visit Starbucks in the old black and white house just behind Rochester 😉 It is so lovely!

    • bookjunkie says:

      It’s quite amazing how fast Singapore changes. Every time my cousin/friends come home for a visit they see so many new things.

  3. verena says:

    It seems like the mall is starting to attract more visitors! I met my friend there for dinner on Friday and almost all the restaurants were packed, with the Jap ones having Qs outside even. I got to check out Jamaica Blue after dinner, and it is a pretty small cafe. Thankfully we were lucky to get a free table as we popped in, and the coffee isn’t too bad. Plus they had rather good service to boot!

    • bookjunkie says:

      Yeah I went again but couldn’t get a seat at Jamaica Blue. Hope to get lucky another day and it’s always great to know that service is good.

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