The Coffee Daily – New Owners?

B informed me that he had read a feature in the newspapers and that The Coffee Daily had changed hands. When we visited I was wondering why the previous owners were not there. It’s quite sad to find out that they had to give up an idea they had put so much into. I wonder if the rent just became too much for them? I really did like their design of the place.

Somehow this time I found the coffee a bit more bitter and not as strong. But what I did like was the very warm service and they even offered old style biscuits with icing. Just hope they can improve on the coffee as there are so many coffee places sprouting up and offering a superior brew that our tastes have become more and more discerning. Previously I wouldn’t have known any better. I mean in the time when we only had Starbucks and Coffeebean.

B didn’t care for the chicken pie but I found it pretty decent. The chips were good quality ones too.

Here are photos from my first visit, more than a year ago.

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