Ignored at PS Cafe (Dempsey)

It’s a pity as the ambience is so lovely. It seems like the wait staff were not making eye contact on purpose. It was so obvious. The people in the table next to us resorted to practically doing the wave after many failed attempts at grabbing the staff’s attention. It is part of the experience – being ignored? Don’t think I want to come here again now that places like Spruce exist – just as lovely and with guzillion times better service. No matter how great the food or ambience is, bad service is a deal breaker. Not that the food was anything to rave about – ok but not the best.

Just have to mention though that once they decided to pay attention to us, they were polite in taking our orders, but we were quite rattled by then after being ignored for 20 minutes in a relatively empty cafe. Also the ginger tea was nice and spicy, although I can’t justify the prices we paid.

dempseypscafe2012 - 52636

dempseypscafe2012 - 52637

dempseypscafe2012 - 52638

dempseypscafe2012 - 52639

dempseypscafe2012 - 52640

dempseypscafe2012 - 52641

dempseypscafe2012 - 52642

dempseypscafe2012 - 52643

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