Malacca Road Trip: Roti Canai & Nasi Lemak Breakfast at Restoran Saravanna

One of our best meals in Malacca was also our last meal here. And it happened to be walking distance away from our hotel – The Majestic. It always seems to be the case for me that the best food turns out to be a stone’s throw away. I would highly recommend the Roti Canai and Nasi Lemak at Restoran Saravanna. The nasi lemak was the traditional type wrapped in a banana leaf where the focus is on the moist coconut rich rice and the chilli sambal. The roti canai was nice and doughy. Much less oily than our Roti Prata in Singapore.

The people running the place were very polite as all Malaysians are I find. Much better than us Singaporeans, sorry to say. We tend to be too much in a hurry and too kiasu. Not all of us but just generally. It’s our whole system that puts us in this state of mind.

And they even left the pails of curry so that we could top up as much as we wanted. Two types of curry too. The only thing I would have hoped for is that the roti canai would have been hotter. It was not as warm as I liked. I like it hot off the stove. I think it was freshly prepared, but just took a bit of time to get to us.

To be honest, if I searched in JB, which is nearer Singapore, I could probably find similarly great roti canai or maybe even better. Recall having really good and cheap roti canai near City Square mall in JB. It’s just that we didn’t feel too safe. Malacca feels like a much safer place than JB or KL.

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