Heavy Meal at Tanglin Mall

Had to come back to Chili’s for the tangy pulled pork burgers, but we should not have ordered ribs as well. Yummy, but just way too much food. I must say it was our first time choosing mashed potatoes as one of the sides, and it won’t be the last – so creamy and good. I really like the service here. It’s better than most other restaurants. Not quite American standard but almost there (considering that there is no tipping system here). The staff are well trained and professional. Also they seem to have revamped the menu with more delectable options like the pulled pork.

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Besides over ordering, I fear the Asian compulsion of always being pressured to finish everything on the plate. We tend not to doggy bag although I would prefer that. Hate the feeling of eating till I’m gonna bust. And usually you don’t feel it till about 20 minutes later.  You don’t even realize how full you are.  Another bad habit of ours is that we tend to eat way too fast. The brain has no time to signal that you’re full.


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7 Responses to Heavy Meal at Tanglin Mall

  1. mypointshoes says:

    I was having dinner at Tanglin Chili’s on Saturday too! I really love their mashed potato. And the bacon ranch quesadillas. And I agree, I always over-order and over-eat when dining there!

  2. We love that Chili’s–and it shows as they recognize the girls. Went to the new one over at Clarke Quay and it still has a lot of kinks to work out, so we’ll continue to go to Tanglin.

    LOL–we always get some level of surprise when we say we don’t want a doggie bag and haven’t finished the food. Most often it doesn’t reheat well, so we don’t bother.

    • bookjunkie says:

      Yeah we don’t usually want to eat the leftovers but with family we always get forced to finish everything. I think it’s a bad cultural habit about not wasting food.

      I like the Tanglin outlet best too. The Sentosa one wasn’t so great.

  3. The Asian cultural habit of over-eating needs to change leh. My parents always force-fed us when we were young. I think they have been through different times and don’t want us to starve and so they over-fed us. But this really has to change now.

    • bookjunkie says:

      yeah my childhood was filled with bad force feeding memories too. And emotional blackmail while being force fed. Not even by my own parents.

  4. Katrijn says:

    We went to the Sentosa one just the other day and they were absolutely lovely to us – but maybe that’s because E. was all cute blondness sleeping in the cart and I am quite obviously over 38 weeks pregnant (39 and 5 days as of today, no sign of baby yet) and the staff was all like “are you still out? That’s so great!”

    Anyway, love Chili’s too, but the food is very rich indeed! It’s so hard though not to overorder, since it’s all so very very nice!

    I have a question though: I thought it was the polite thing to actually not finish the whole plate, since an empty plate might indicate that the host hasn’t served enough food? You’re not the first one to tell me this is wrong, maybe it’s different in restaurants and when you go to people’s homes? Please enlighten the ignorant European as to the correct foodie rules! 🙂

    • bookjunkie says:

      Traditionally in Chinese culture it’s good to leave something behind – read about it on culture shock 😉

      But somehow with families in Singapore it seems that the desire is to have everything on the plate finished. Perhaps due to our parents going through the war, rationing and harder times.

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