Expected Better from Hoshino Coffee

Every time I passed this new cafe the queue was so long I told myself to forget it. This time I braved the queue. In the end I found out that part of the reason the queue is so long is that there are empty tables that are not being filled fast enough. B said they could be doing this on purpose considering the Singapore mentality of thinking that any dining place with queues must be really good. We were suckers too I guess. I also thought that it would be Japanese standard. But I must say it was all average.

The service was not that professional either as I saw the staff yelling out instructions at each other and it wasn’t too palatable.

The sandwich was a bit odd. The bread was warm but the egg mayo and ham filling was cold (as in just out of the fridge). That was disappointing. The spagghetti was too hard (slightly undercooked) but a better choice than the sandwich. Perhaps the Omu rice would have been a better option? The drip coffee was all right I guess but I’ve had better. Just expected much more from this place.

Also not very pleasant to sit in such close quarters to other patrons and have to hear their loud conversations. We should have gone to a quieter, emptier place.

The best thing was the matcha latte with soft serve ice cream. No trace of bitterness at all. I am guessing their desserts please.

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The meal was expensive too.  Close to S$50. Perhaps next time we’ll choose one of these other places.

We have had the ramen at Tsukada Nojo before and it’s expensive but the best chicken ramen I’ve had so far. The seats at Dr Cafe Coffee seem cosy. And yes I would pick a place based on the seats.

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Just for a more balance viewpoint I’m including a link to Daniel’s review of the place.

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4 Responses to Expected Better from Hoshino Coffee

  1. Yes, I expected more. Thought the food would be really good because there is a long queue. Service was unresponsive both times I been there, a pity for a good Japanese brand.

  2. Aldora says:

    I agree with you!!! I was soooo disappointed with their desserts although their main courses tasted alright. The long queue was uncalled for and I guess it’ll be another fad like the raves over Tim Ho Wan @ Plaza Singapura. I visited the place last night and do read my version of the reviews here: http://musings-of-a-rabbit.blogspot.sg/2013/12/hoshino-coffee-plaza-singapura.html

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