Finally Tried the Udon at Tamoya

Finally tried out the new udon place at Liang Court. It’s at level 1 but located in an obscure corner next to the Food Court. Missed it on another occasion and had Shakey’s Pizza instead. Prices are reasonable but it’s all self service. I was a bit confused as to which sauces to add. The udon was very firm and I would have it again, but B felt that he’s had better in Osaka. I agree and miss the restaurant chain there too.

The next time I would opt for a large rather than regular which to me is kid’s size. Just S$4.80 and less than 200 calories though. No wonder I got hungry soon after.

And yes, you can help yourself to iced water and condiments like seaweed to add to your soup. I quite liked the review here. Much clearer descriptions and nicer pictures too.

liangcourttamoya - 56547

liangcourttamoya - 56551

liangcourttamoya - 56550

liangcourttamoya - 56549

liangcourttamoya - 56548

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4 Responses to Finally Tried the Udon at Tamoya

  1. you’re so sweet to link me. Thanks!

  2. Sandra says:

    Hello, I just to move from Barcelona to Singapore. I start a new life in this stunning city! Actually, I want to thank you for your effort in this blog because it’s a perfect way to show expat people the culture and lifestyle in Singapore. This post draw a smile in my face, because I went last week with my Japanesse classmates and they told me that the food was fantastic. Thanks for all ! You have a new fan 😉

    • bookjunkie says:

      oh I’m so glad you find the blog useful Sandra….your kind comment is putting a smile on my face right now 🙂

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