Had My Burger Fix

Sinned with a pulled pork burger at Chili’s and it was totally worth it. Although I have to admit I was very thirsty after the meal (loads of salt probably?). One thing that’s great – Chili’s has excellent service, even at this JCube outlet and they always give us good booth seats – not stingy like some other places where they try to squeeze you tightly together even when the restaurant is empty. Also appreciate that Chili’s is not stingy with ice water either. Why do other places not just give you a big glass the way Chili’s does? It’s always tiny glasses and you have to get their attention to have it topped up. B commented that it’s a waste of labour.

jcubepulledpork - 56556

jcubepulledpork - 56557

jcubepulledpork - 56558

jcubepulledpork - 56559

jcubepulledpork - 56560

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