My First Time at the Maritime Experiential Museum

I don’t know if it’s truly worth the ticket price, but it is worth while to see it at least once. The ticket covers both the Maritime Experiential Museum as well as the SEA Aquarium.

sentosaaquariam2013 - 56571

The ticket will allow you to see the Maritime Museum as well (but it’s not as interactive or extensive as the aquarium itself. I was impressed by the growling lion head on the ship. It tells of the journey of China’s Cheng Ho to various parts of Asia and the World.

sentosaaquariam2013 - 56573

sentosaaquariam2013 - 56585

sentosaaquariam2013 - 56584

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sentosaaquariam2013 - 56581

sentosaaquariam2013 - 56580

sentosaaquariam2013 - 56579

sentosaaquariam2013 - 56578

sentosaaquariam2013 - 56577

sentosaaquariam2013 - 56576

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sentosaaquariam2013 - 56574

I was pretty impressed that his ship contained all this – especially the giraffes, considered exotic never seen before animals then.

sentosaaquariam2013 - 56646

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