How to Get to the Aquarium at Sentosa

It’s called the S.E.A. Aquarium and you can take the train called the Sentosa Express (using your MRT card) from the Sentosa Station at VivoCity (it’s just next to Food Republic). It deducts S$3.50 from your card and you need to swipe it just once and not twice like you do at the other MRT stations. This is more like a tram then an MRT. It’s just 1 stop away and you need to get off at Waterfront Station. From there it’s a 2 minute walk and you just need to follow the signs. The whole place is know as the Marine Life Park and within that is the Aquarium. It’s all a bit confusing and I wish they would just have one name for the whole place but I guess they do this as they want to charge you separately and make more money? Tickets cost S$29 on a non-peak day which I think is rather expensive.

My photos are in reverse order.

sentosaaquariam2013 - 56572

sentosaaquariam2013 - 56570

sentosaaquariam2013 - 56569

sentosaaquariam2013 - 56568

sentosaaquariam2013 - 56567

sentosaaquariam2013 - 56566

sentosaaquariam2013 - 56565

sentosaaquariam2013 - 56564

sentosaaquariam2013 - 56563

sentosaaquariam2013 - 56562

sentosaaquariam2013 - 56561

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