Room Coffee Bar at ARC: Great Place for Breakfast & Cakes

I couldn’t decided between waffles and cakes at Room (later inside the lift I saw that kids under 12 get free waffles with a big breakfast order and that sounds good). And it was hard to pick one cake. They all looked so good. I wanted to have the old fashioned chocolate butter cake at first but was tempted by the creamy frosting on the carrot cake. At the same time the lemon slice was calling out to me and I felt so greedy.

Would return for the breakfast. The bacon used was good quality and the bread tasted like it was freshly baked. The people running the place seemed friendly and attentive but in a non-intrusive way, so it’s a really nice quiet place to relax. Lots of magazines provided for browsing as well – great for solo dining.

arc - 58395

arc - 58396

arc - 58400

arc - 58399

arc - 58393

arc - 58392

arc - 58394

arc - 58407

arc - 58391

arc - 58408

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4 Responses to Room Coffee Bar at ARC: Great Place for Breakfast & Cakes

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  2. Crystal R says:

    Wow, everything looks amazing. I would have a hard time deciding as well. Really want to try this place out after reading your post and seeing these pics!

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