New Mall: Alexandra Retail Centre (ARC) & My Pick of the Directory

5 Reasons Why I Would Return to ARC:

1. Relatively Empty (don’t have to squeeze with other folks when you dine)

2. Free Parking on weekends and on Weekdays if you spend $30 (no need to rush off and with NTUC grocery shopping can be done here)

3. Nice Cafes like Room Coffee Bar

4. South Indian Meals at Komalas

5. Wide walkways

arc - 58388

arc - 58401

arc - 58407

arc - 58406

arc - 58403

arc - 58405

arc - 58404

arc - 58402

arc - 58390

arc - 58389

This new mall is at 460 Alexandra Road and it’s always interesting to discover and check out some place new that you didn’t know existed. Yes, even if it’s just a mall. We need some place to hide from the heat.

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5 Responses to New Mall: Alexandra Retail Centre (ARC) & My Pick of the Directory

  1. Crystal R says:

    I had to smile when I saw your photo of the Komala’s sign. I always intend to order the mini meal but when I get up to the counter I say to heck with it and go ahead and go for the executive south Indian, haha…. And i can almost finish the whole thing single handedly. 🙂

  2. carrotoh says:

    is this the one next to ikea at alexandra?

  3. Germaine Poh says:

    Yea, I love ARC for it is quiet and definitely a good place to chill. Lots of food too 😀

    Check out this Christmas event they are having now:

    Play it and win great prizes 🙂

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