Eager to Try: Jamie’s Kitchen & Madam Kwan’s at Vivo

Took these photos some time ago, before I fell ill. Wonder if Jamie Oliver’s restaurant has opened since then. I also wonder if there are still queues at Madam Kwan’s (probably).

Considering that it’s perpetual summer, here I chuckled over what they mean by a summer opening. I would think definitely by July. To me the month of June connotes summer. Ironically where everyone is headed towards the heat it what puts me off going on a vacation. I’d always rather head somewhere cooler than Singapore.

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arcspruce - 58753

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arcspruce - 58755

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4 Responses to Eager to Try: Jamie’s Kitchen & Madam Kwan’s at Vivo

  1. I really liked Madam Kwan’s in KL and hope the food is just as good here!

  2. auntyuta says:

    I wouldn’t mind some of Singapore’s warmth right now. Very cold here right now in the Sydney area. I like your photos. Thanks for sharing. Go on a little vacation if you can to recover from this dreadful illness. 🙂

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