Jem: The Upscale New Mall at Jurong East (& My Directory Picks)

We were super kiasu, I’m embarrassed to say, and checked out the newest mall jem even though most of it is just a replica of malls in Orchard Road, like Centrepoint. And nope, no queuing for us as we didn’t go that early and in that way beat the crowd? Or we were just not interested in any freebies. But anything new is still refreshing and I am quite sure people living in Jurong East feel lucky now. Great that it’s connected to Jurong East MRT too. And I couldn’t help but wonder if the previous ‘new kid on the block’, JCube now feels left behind somewhat. In my opinion jem has much more appealing stores. Kinokuniya tops my pick of the directory. Next would be Cathay which only opens in August.

It was nice to see a baby clothing outlet, Pumpkin Patch, here too. I think the clothes here are pretty as my relatives tend to buy them from Australia. I would like to try Salad Works although it seems expensive. The simple sandwiches appealed to me. Marche had a nice look to it but naturally it was just too cramped and crowded which would kinda ruin any ambience. The same issue with Paris Baguette and Starbucks.

There are 5 floors altogether and Kinokuniya is on the 4th level while Cathay and the food court is at the very top.

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jem - 58807

jem - 58808

jem - 58809

jem - 58810

jem - 58811

jem - 58812

jem - 58813

jem - 58814

jem - 58815

jem - 58816

jem - 58817

jem - 58818

jem - 58819

jem - 58820

jem - 58821

jem - 58822

jem - 58823

jem - 58824

jem - 58825

jem - 58843

jem - 58826

jem - 58842

jem - 58827

jem - 58828

jem - 58829

jem - 58830

jem - 58831

jem - 58832

jem - 58833

jem - 58834

jem - 58835

jem - 58836

jem - 58837

jem - 58838

jem - 58839

jem - 58840

jem - 58841

jem - 58845

Had a meal at Spaggeddie’s but the service was lacking (apart from the outlet manager who was the only one who seemed to know what he was doing). Either the standard of the pasta has fallen or we have just tried better ones so this now pales in comparison.

jem - 58844

jem - 58846

There are the stores that were interesting to me:

Basement 1:

Burger King
Rumah Sayang

Level 1:

Marche Movenpick
Coffee Bean
Crabtree & Evelyn
Victoria’s Secret
Yankee Candle

Level 2

Paris Baguette
Marks & Spencer

Level 3

AsterSpring (Dermalogica products)

Level 4
Challenger (in case I need another hard drive or thumb drive)
Fox Kids & Baby
Pumpkin Patch
Gurney Drive
Lock & Lock
Bricksworld (lego)

Level 5

MOS Burger

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4 Responses to Jem: The Upscale New Mall at Jurong East (& My Directory Picks)

  1. sos says:

    I also went there because it was too late to go downtown and got a headache. It was so so crowded and crazy I got a headache! Looks like the entire population from west and north came to jem today

  2. Katherine says:

    There’s nothing upscale about this mall! Seriously!

    • bookjunkie says:

      Haven’t been there in ages..yeah not as upscale as I furst imagined. Guess I was thinking it had outlets that can only usually be found in town.

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