Constantly Feeling Overwhelmed

With life and with blogging I’ve just been feeling overwhelmed. So much I want to do and not enough time. Time is just so fleeting and before I know it, it’s dark and I’m still up, not getting sufficient sleep.

I guess it’s a good problem to have. One thing for sure is, I will never be bored. I always have something I yearn to do, be it to write, read, travel and explore my own little island. I can never understand when people say they will be bored if they were not working because work is not life. Work is just for survival and money. But if you’re fortunate to be in an office environment where the people are decent, it’s a place to meet new friends as well. Or if you’re biting the bullet and exploring your passion and love what you do, then that’s awesome too. It’s why I admire Guillaume and his White as Milk project and happy I can contribute little blog posts now and then. I’m always rooting for little companies to do well. I love all the attention to detail and passion that goes with it. And that totally different and fresh way of thinking, as opposed to stodgy corporate life and rules.

Every time I glance at my inbox it’s just too much. I can’t possibly answer all those mails. Lots of solicitation for free stuff. I guess I just have to be rude and answer just the fruitful ones. I guess that’s what they mean by prioritizing. But yet again a lot will slip through the cracks as they are just that many waking hours a day.

My partner always tells me about how he could spend all day just clearing emails. I think the situation at work is just too crazy and inefficient even though ironically emails are supposed to make us more efficient. How do we filter out all the noise. That definitely takes skill. And everyone feels their query is of the utmost importance. I am sure you can all relate.  Often he is afraid to go on holiday because of the avalanche of mails that will accumulate by the time he’s back so he ends up checking office mail while on holiday. It really does suck. No way for work life balance. And for my relatives with kids I can’t even imagine how they juggle it all. They impress me with their balancing act.

I tell myself, just focus on one thing at a time. And forget about all those other things in that clutter mountain in my brain’s mental corner – of undone stuff. The mountain will get smaller, bit by bit.

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  1. Guillaume says:

    Thank you bookjunkie for the mention! The temptation of mailbox invasion is huge when you are an online business… I try not to be too intrusive when I do it for White As Milk 😉

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