Suntec City Revamped & My Mall Claustrophobia


If you’re searching for a mall that’s new or revamped you would have checked out Suntec City like I did. The place used to look dated and dingy so the change is good.

There’s a huge Uniqlo and right across, a H&M and they seem to be competing for the same market sector. I quite like the clothes for babies & toddlers at both these places.

The Starbucks was as busy & noisy as a market, so Smoothie King was the other option.

There’s a Khiel’s here too. I like their bath products.


I don’t want to talk about malls, but that seems to be my life at the moment. Wish it wasn’t so hot and I wasn’t so prone to perspiring. I really loathe the discomfort of my clothes sticking to my back. Just a few degrees cooler and I’d definitely be blogging about the park or beach instead.

I’m sorry. As you can tell, my heart’s not into blogging about malls unless there’s something truly different. But I’m forcing myself to just write to get into the swing of things again and not feel so jaded about life.

Not having space in a city makes me want to run away somewhere. It’s why I feel most alive when I travel. Not the getting there bit, but once I’m there, I feel so recharged.

Humans are hardwired to travel after all, so it’s really a necessity not a luxury. We all travelled out once from Africa, just to bring things into perspective. And it seems that we may be all Martians according to some research my partner was telling me about. That life may have originated in Mars.

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4 Responses to Suntec City Revamped & My Mall Claustrophobia

  1. jolene • says:

    i don’t really like malls either, but that’s also where i always am just because of how hot and humid it is here 🙁 i wish we had 14 – 18deg weather all the time, so that i can be in the parks and taking strolls instead!

  2. Yup, that Mall Rat life is preeeetty depressing 🙁 They just suck hours of your life from you, never to be seen again. And they are all.the.same. Hope you enjoyed the cooooler weather today 🙂 xx

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