Finally Did it: River Safari

The River Safari is a mixture of an aquarium and a zoo. I enjoyed the it more than I thought I would. I’m not usually an outdoorsy type of person.

My favourite exhibits would be the pandas, red pandas (more like raccoons or weasels but they look cuter like a half bear half squirrel) and frisky golden monkeys known as squirrel monkeys that you can get really close to. Signs posted warn you not to touch them or they will bite. What I liked the most is that unlike the zoo next door, the River Safari is well sheltered as I can’t bear the direct heat of the sun. The last time I was at the zoo I was so zapped of energy.

We skipped the boat ride (known as the Amazon river quest) as the earliest slot we could get was about 3 hours later and we didn’t figure that we would be hanging around the exhibits for that long. Also I read on tripadvisor that some people were not that impressed with the ride.









There’s a perpetual queue at the zoo so you have no choice but to book tickets online. I would suggest that they allow birthday folk to skip the queue too but at the moment they don’t. So most birthday people would forgo the chance for a free ticket rather than waste time & feel frustrated queuing on their birthday. Hope someone at the zoo reads this as it will mean they are sincere about the birthday treat.

Also lately I have been updating Instagram more frequently than the blog. I think it’s the instant gratification of getting likes. Only in this era. It’s a bit like getting stars when you’re a kid.

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