Places in Singapore I Have Yet to Explore

This may be a tiny island but there are still a number of places (not new)
I have yet to check out. Our country is tiny but fast evolving.

1. River Safari (zoo) to see the Pandas
– haven’t gone yet because the last time we thought we could see the Pandas at the zoo itself. And I wasn’t that keen as I imagined the Pandas would be very far away.

2. The Singapore Flyer
– mostly due to my claustrophobia but perhaps the capsule won’t be as small or cramped as I imagine

3. The Orchid Garden (botanic gardens)
– we were a bit too late and they were closing but this ranks about the highest on Tripadvisor the last time I checked.

4. Snow city

5. The new high tea place at the top of Westin

6. The vintage high tea place at The House (Dempsey)

7. Several new cafés (not that new anymore, making me feel so out of touch) that I see all over blogs and Instagram. Seriously tempting.

8. The unexplored parts of Sentosa like the beach club and Sentosa Cove area.

Just some places from the top of my head. Hope to cross them off some time in the future.

I guess the blazing sun and killer humidity has been keeping us away from the outdoor places and more than that the killer crowds during the weekends.

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