Great Week

Been having a great week. I think it’s because my double operation wounds (hysterectomy followed by laparoscopic surgery) are healing. Previously I had to start chemo before the wounds had completely healed so was in a lot of pain and could hardly bend or walk.

Now I find that I am able to bend a little more and sit on the floor again and that is such a wonderful thing. Especially since I can sit close to the little ones and be closer to eye level with them rather than watch them as a spectator from afar.

What’s even better is that rather than be traumatised as I expected over my bald Gollum head, they hardly bat an eye and except me as I am. Oh the sweet innocence and realness of little children. It was so funny when Niece 1 told me I can’t wear a hair band if I have no hair. They sure do make me laugh and keep me upbeat.

They also show great empathy and care when they saw my peeling fingers and feet (how the body reacted after the trauma of hospitalisations and tons of IV and antibiotics.)

Niece 2 made me laugh by asking me with the sweetest shy smile on her face, why my hands and feet are so dirty, but later when I explained she was so darling and concerned that I didn’t apply cream after my bath and promised she would remind me to.

The side effects of chemo feel rather mild this week – mild bloating and sight numbness in two fingers. Not too bad. I totally forget all these when I’m distracted by the children. They give the best kind of  healing.

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  1. Darren says:

    Get well soon, well wishes from Europe.

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