More Fascinating Videos from the Orchard Road Flood

More videos and photos are coming in from ordinary people about the Orchard Road flood. The last time this area was flooded was 26 years ago. No wonder the young people are so tickled by what is happening. Here’s a video that’s been shared on Youtube. At times like these social media is really useful bringing us the unedited news faster than conventional media.

link 1

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(Credit: Image by Jonathan Chew of the Straits Times)

The irony is that not many people know that Wendy’s has opened a new branch at Orchard Road, but it has major publicity now. It’s newest branch, which just opened 2 days ago is located at Liat Towers and had to evacuate its very first breakfast patrons as the muddy waters rose to almost waist level.

I love Wendy’s so I hope it opens soon after dealing with it’s rain damage. I also hope there’s no second incident of flooding, which might be a high probability, if the cause is the weather or some structural problem that has yet to be uncovered.

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2 Responses to More Fascinating Videos from the Orchard Road Flood

  1. 365days2play says:

    Poor Wendy’s! What bad luck. I don’t feel so bad for LV though…hahhahahahahaha… I’ve been wanting to dine at Wendy’s but till now I haven’t!

    • bookjunkie says:

      Me too….same feelings. I love Wendy’s and I read somewhere the staff were really good and carried out the people on their backs!! wow that’s really beyond the normal service 🙂

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