Ikea Makes You Want

Whenever I go to Ikea I discover things I want, more than I need. For someone who hate clothes shopping and prefers shopping for books and furniture, this is my idea of retail therapy. Luckily, it was all purely window shopping and free:

photo by bookjunkie

The eye-catching, oh so delightful, bird tray.  It even has a lovely pink Owl and that’s a winner.

photo by bookjunkie

Now doesn’t that canary yellow clock just add sunshine to a room?

photo by bookjunkie

Or what about this fire-engine red?

photo by bookjunkie

Apple green placements shaped like trees!

photo by bookjunkie

Or an apple green dustbin?

photo by bookjunkie

It was love at first sight with this ethereal Gustav Klimt painting.

Ikea’s nordic designs never fail to tempt me.  I couldn’t pick one so I decided to take them all (in the form of my amateur photo snapshots) to mull over.

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