Sunny Skies After Yesterday’s Flood

photo by bookjunkie

I had to snap a picture of the pretty sky today.  Looks like the sun is out a blazing again.

I wonder if there will be a repeat of the floods. It has been revealed that it was caused by blockage in the drainage system made worse by vegetation (I guess they mean leaves and branches?).

The drainage checks which used to be done every 3 months at Orchard Road will now be done monthly.

I still have a nagging suspicion that all the construction (ION, Marina Bay Sands) that has been going on may be part of the cause somehow? But then again I’m not an expert, just someone with a theory.

This is one of the pictures from yesterday’s Orchard Road Flood that captivated me.

(Credit: Photo from the Straits Times by Bryan Van der Beek)

I really like this Starbucks and have had coffee here a number of times. I can’t imagine how the flood has trashed the once cosy and inviting looking place. It seems the Wendy’s beside it will only open again in 2 weeks as it has half a million worth of brand new furnishing and equipment now damaged.  And the Wendy’s has only been open for 3 days.  It was so new that hardly anyone (besides those having a Wendy’s breakfast that fateful Wednesday) knew about this new branch till the news of the Orchard Road flood, and videos posted on YouTube.

(credit: STOMP)

This man sure knows how to see the silver lining around that dark cloud. He was seen happily diving into the muddy ‘Orchard River’ and someone on Stomp caught him looking on with glee. Now I wish I had a fraction of that man’s sense of optimism and fun. You can have a look at all the pictures on STOMP, Singapore’s online newspaper which has loads of photos and comments submitted by ordinary people.

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