Monday’s Cool Idea: Write on a Book Without Ruining It

I love this cool product idea that I came across on a fabulous blog called Unclutterer as I was trying to get some inspiration to declutter. I wonder if these are sold at our local stationary stores? If I do come across them, I’ll let you know. Post-its used to come in sheer but that product was pulled and since then a company called Avery Notetabs makes this.

{Images from Unclutterer}

This will be great for flagging words in books I don’t understand and checking them out all at one go. I usually don’t like to interrupt my reading with constant checking of the dictionary. I’m embarrassed to say my vocabulary needs major improvements.

This is also great for a bibliophile, OCD bookjunkie like me who loves to keep books in pristine condition. Luckily my partner is even more obsessive compulsive, and that’s a good thing!

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  1. niconica says:

    Awesome product! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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