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Felted Wool Stones – Zen Cushions For Your Room

These soft cushions which mimic the look of stone will make your room feel more zen. I really like this idea by South African Designer Ronel Jordaan.  The prices are a bit too crazy though. Totally out of my range.

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I Actually Found This Cute – Litter Munchers in Singapore

To curb littering by the young, the government has come up with a campaign and it’s shockingly cute and not lame. I would love to spot a garbage bin pimped out like this. The funniest bit is when I went … Continue reading

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Monday’s Cool Idea: Write on a Book Without Ruining It

I love this cool product idea that I came across on a fabulous blog called Unclutterer as I was trying to get some inspiration to declutter. I wonder if these are sold at our local stationary stores? If I do … Continue reading

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Pretty Rain Clouds For Your Wall

Sometimes the simplest idea can be the most striking like this little wall decor rain cloud sold on Etsy. More lovely rain clouds to hang on your wall from French Interior and Product Designer Leptitpapillon based in Canada. Doesn’t she … Continue reading

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