Marble Slab Creamery

These photos were taken at the new outlet at the mall called Junction 8 which is attached to Bishan MRT (subway). There is no proper queueing system and I had to wait a long time before anyone took my order. Quite frustrating.

I have heard about the famous Cold Stone Creamery from the US and I wish they would bring that here. The name of this place reminds me of that ice cream chain. It seems that Marble Slab originated from Texas, although I always thought it was a local chain. I like that you can add all sorts of chocolate and other treats and mix it with your ice cream to concoct the ultimate dessert. Pure decadence.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

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7 Responses to Marble Slab Creamery

  1. Crystal says:

    There’s not really an appreciable difference between Cold Stone and Marble Slab. Cold Stone is usually found in the north and west and I’ve only seen Marble Slab when in the south. But they have the same stuff. Another American version of this here in S’pore is Maggie Moo, which is on B2/B3 (forget which) of @313 Somerset.

    I’m THRILLED to see them here, especially as my favorite creation is vanilla ice cream, peanut butter and reese’s peanut butter cups…and reese’s are such a rarity here in S’pore (and expensive as hell compared to home) that seeing them @ Maggie Moos and Marble Slab is a very happy thing for me.

    I actually made a dinner out of Marble Slab last Saturday. Following an atrocious dinner at Billy Bombers, Ravi and I were dying for something yummy and he mentioned he had seen Marble Slab on his way from the MRT. They are stingy with the mix-ins (I had to pay per peanut butter cup mini and scoop of PB to mix in with the ice cream…back home they give you 1 mix in with the small for free, 2 with the medium and 3 with the large…here you pay for them all, PLUS the waffle bowl…like $20, but TOTALLY worth it, and cheaper than the crap I’d had @ Billy Bomber’s).

    But yes…sinfully good and far too close to my apartment.

    • bookjunkie says:

      yeah you’re right about them being stingy with the mix-ins. I would love to have alot more mix ins including chocolatey, biscuity stuff…caramel, peanut butter, etc.

  2. Crystal says:

    In talking to Ravi, I have to add that I actually had Marble Slab several years before Cold Stone showed up in New England. I was on vacation with an ex, and we were driving through Lousiana to get something at a store and we stopped in at Marble Slab…it was my first ice cream with mix-ins experience. However, I am a loyal New Englander and as CS is the chain that’s up there, I was informed I was supposed to like them better instead of considering the two chains to be no different from one another.

  3. 365days2play says:

    I think they have one at Central too. I’ve always wanted to get my own ice-cream maker, then I can have all the flavours I want.

  4. theviolinplayer says:

    I used to be a fan of marble slab until this incident which i am about to describe happened. It was 4 plus in the afternoon and i was at junction 8 wondering about while waiting for my friend. Found this outlet and decided to have a scoop of ice cream with a cup of coffee. Everything was still alright despite the slow service. after about 20mins, this lady probably in her late 50s (i was informed that this lady was actually the mother of the owners of J8 franchise) came up to me and in a condescending tone ” you are not suppose to use that (referring to my ipad) here, please keep it.” So i asked her,” but i barely started with my coffee” Her curt reply ” sorry company policy. You can keep you laptop and continue enjoying your coffee.” and she proceeded to the next table, where there were 2 coporate looking people discussing some work. This time, she was polite with them and again asked them to put their laptop away. The 2 people were flabbergasted too. At this point i walked away without finishing my beverage.

    This is what perturbed me most:

    1. It wasn’t crowded.

    2. It’s suppose to be a cafe like setting

    3. I was a paying customer

    4. The tone that was spoken to me; i look like a student but i am well into my 30s already.

    This promted me to call up the marble slab at cluny court where the lady boss directed me to the appropriate management. The management got back to me, told me that how i was treated was absurd yadda yadda and i was told that they will get the J8 branch to call me up n explain and apologize. Till date no news from them still. While i understand that they need customers to eat n go so that they can have more people coming in, I was barely halfway done with my piping hot coffee. Where’s the logic?

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