Happy Half Birthday And One Month Blog

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I am quite happy that my anonymous blog, Tiny Island, has survived half a year (and a month) and managed to get 95,000 visits. My average views a day is 453 right now, but I feel that a huge chunk of it is due to postings about controversial topics. I also post pretty frequently and that affects the statistics too. I am still really overjoyed about it, because I recall it used to be 30 a day when I started out. I must admit that on some days interest has waned, but B tells me to just do it for myself, because I tell him I can’t imagine going through life without writing daily. If I wasn’t writing in a blog, I would be writing a whole lot more in my old fashioned, pen on paper journal. He thinks I shouldn’t worry about topics and just blog about what I like. He actually doesn’t like all my posts about celebrities and such and prefers the more introspective ones, but still feels I should stick to what I like. My mum and aunts feel the same way too , but I am a sucker for beautiful people and cute babies. My uncle likes my dining related posts. My cousin G seems to like those too, while cousin D appreciates the ones on interior design.

I generally enjoy just the random daily photos as I hope people travelling to Singapore find them of interest. Before I travel I love to surf daily photo blogs with photos taken by ordinary people. These give me a real feel of the country.

One of the most satisfying things about blogging are the comments and blog friends whose writing and photos I thoroughly enjoy. Thank you so much if you stopped by, even once. I have learnt a little something from all of you and I feel that you have broadened my perspective and made me consider things in new ways that I wouldn’t otherwise have. The fact that you are from all parts of the world is just cool.

I have learnt how some topics are just so popular that there are major spikes in the traffic and these happen to be the celebrity posts. I guess there are tabloid junkies out there like me. Hopefully in the next six months I can blog about more meaningful and less superficial topics and I hope I last a whole year.

But I am glad that in the top ten there are some posts I’m pretty proud of and genuinely enjoyed journalling about:

100 Reasons to be Happy in Singapore (1,461 views)
French Girl in a Singapore Household: Culture Shock (884 views)
My Top Singapore Food List (853 views)

One recent post of mine about turning 40, which came from the heart had 32 views and I appreciate these views so much.

This also reminds me that I need to continue working on my 3 lists on Happiness, Food and Culture Shock. And wouldn’t it be glorious if we could celebrate our real half birthdays as well?

The picture I featured above was taken during my trip to Osaka and that’s another things I love blogging about because when I blog soon after a trip it helps me preserve my memories. Travel and writing are two things that sustain me and combined they are my oxygen.

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13 Responses to Happy Half Birthday And One Month Blog

  1. Maria says:

    Happy birthday! I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your blog. Seeing your photos of Singapore makes my day. I hope there will be many more birthdays (full ones!) in your future.

  2. 365days2play says:

    Happy Half birthday Tiny Island! Keep the posts coming and just write whatever your heart desires! This is your blog. Readers come and go but your loyal fans will stay close.

  3. kendallcrow says:

    Happy Half Birthday! I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts. Your style of writing is fantastic and I feel like I get a true sense of your personality when reading your blog. Keep it up! Cheers to many more honest and well written posts!


  4. lynnette-net says:

    Happy Half Birthday! I enjoy reading your posts and I enjoy your comments on my blog! 😀 I would like to know more about you though, but you’ve been keeping yourself so anonymous :(( After all, we live in the same Tiny Island!

  5. i share the same way of thinking about blogging. i envy you for having that much hits every day. keep up the good work. writing every day is so much fun. but then again, beyond anything else, it is the experience that makes blogging worth it. one may say that there is nothing we can get out of doing this and that in the realms of the blogosphere, but the real deal is that there are more than meets the eye when it comes to showing yourself through blogging. i love your blog so i probably have to indulge myself into more of your posts. have a nice day.

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