#8. Watermelons & Watermarks

Check out Sister Earth Organics for Wellness Tips. I have to also thank her for helping me produce my very first photo with a watermark using Picnik.  She not only gives health tips, she gives tech tips too. Basically you have to sign up for an account and then you upload your photo and click to add text.  You can then chose the fonts and size of your text.  There’e even the option of fading depending on how prominent you want the text to be.  I am not very IT saavy, but I just feel a thrill when I do something new. I just love the blog community where everyone is so so kind when you need help. Reminds me of my first two workplaces where everyone, bosses and coworkers, were just so nice to each other. And that’s important for Wellness too. Being happy at work.

Speaking of health I don’t want to neglect my healthy food I actually like list. I love watermelon juice but I love eating slices of the fruit even more and it’s better for you too, with all that fibre. That way you don’t consume too much sugar.

delicious red watermelon that's good for you too

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8 Responses to #8. Watermelons & Watermarks

  1. Yay! Looks great! Isn’t it fun?

  2. plumerainbow says:

    Thanks for the heads-up. I use Picasa which requires you to download & install on your computer and useful if want to sync your photo albums with your google account.
    Will certainly check out Picnik. Have a good day!

  3. Kaho says:

    I love using Picnik. I also use Picasa as well. I live in a city of slow internet connection, so sometimes Picasa is convenient, but it’s so fun to work on Picnik, isn’t it? Nice looking watermelon! When I go grocery shopping next time, I will have to buy watermelons since your mouthwatering photo gave me cravings for it! 🙂

  4. Kaho says:

    Thanks also for introducing “Sister Earth Organics”! I will check out her blog!

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