Evil Bunny Videos: Funny Singapore Cartoons (Satire)

Brilliant satire and I wish there was more.


For me nothing beats Singlish when it comes to humour.


This one is a classic – touched on the choping seats with tissue packets situation.


And this one makes me glad I am female, and super sorry for Singaporean guys. Love the super catchy tune.


And I do love the Malay masterplan. More of us should adopt it. Makes a lot of sense in our long working hours crazy culture. Another catchy tune.


I’m addicted to this funny bunny.

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1 Response to Evil Bunny Videos: Funny Singapore Cartoons (Satire)

  1. Al says:

    I have lots of respect for those who served NS 🙂 I think they’ve sacrificed a lot for the good of their fellow countrymen 🙂 I’ve met some Singaporeans/Koreans/Taiwanese who dreaded NS and told of all the disadvantages, I still think what they’ve given outweighs all the disadvantages for their country and the people.

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