My Thoughts about Scoot, SIA’s New Budget Carrier

It’s not secret that I have a fear of flying.  More the claustrophobia than anything. My main concern when I travel is the seat size and legroom.  Everything else is good to have but I am willing to forgo as long as I don’t feel like the passenger in front if trapping me each time they lower their seat a little. I even feel trapped when the food trays are all down and they take very long to clear the food once you’re done.  It’s an awful feeling to not be able to put the tray back up.  It’s feels like you can’t get to the escape and the building is on fire, oxygen runs out and you can’t breathe and slowly suffocate. Something like that. Totally irrational, but sadly the dominating thought process that takes over in your mind. Quite torturous in fact. Even  on SIA planes, which is about the only flight I have been taking recently, I still feel cramped. I am only talking about cattle class or economy as that’s the only class we can afford. So I am not sure if I will be able to take Scoot if the seats are any smaller or spaced even closer together.

On another note I think the name is quite cute and the yellow theme is sunny and optimistic.


Does anyone out there know, from personal experience, which airlines (economy class) are the most generous in terms of seating? Is there anything comparable or better than Singapore Airline’s and it’s economy seats? I love travel, but this fear is a big hinderance and downer that only came into full force a couple of years ago.  I just wish there was a class in between economy and business that was affordable and offered more legroom.

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5 Responses to My Thoughts about Scoot, SIA’s New Budget Carrier

  1. ajohor says:

    Widest gap and seats in order in most recent travels.

    1) Tiger Airways
    2) Air Asia
    3) Jetstar

    • bookjunkie says:

      Thanks so much for sharing. Will be avoiding these.

      Would also love to hear about your experienced on premium airlines but economy class. So far I have been travelling mostly on Singapore Airlines and am wondering if there is more spaciousness on other airlines for cattle class passengers.

  2. conrad says:

    america airlines (AA, UA) cater mostly to the american demographic. so, asians can enjoy slightly? more spacious seating.

    i think there is a class between business and economy, leaning towards economy. think it’s called economy plus. although, not all carriers offer that.

  3. 365days2play says:

    I think most airlines are actually the same. I’ve taken SIA, BA, Qantas, Delta, Qatar, Scandinavian airlines, and I can’t tell the difference. At best, the space is 2 or 3 cm more in the most generous of airlines? Certainly not enough to help you feel less claustrophobic I feel.

    You could however try to request for the 1st row seats in every section, you know the one next to the doors or the toilets. Those have more legroom space. It’s always blocked out if you check in online so you have to call them up and beg them to give you those seats. My mother has a back problem so sometimes the airlines will let her have those seats, but not always as they are reserved for babies in bassinets. I used to put in lots of effort to try and get those seats, but nowadays, I don’t think that much of those seats. I prefer to fly on flights that are not full. Then there’s a chance that the seat next to me will be empty! I was lucky that my trip to/from Norway was like that!

    I think I previously mentioned that I also have a huge fear of flying, but it’s more of a fear of something going wrong with the plane rather than claustrophobia. After taking SIX(!!!) flights for this trip over the course of 2.5 weeks, I feel that I am less afraid now. I managed to psycho myself that hey nothing bad happened for those 6 flights so I’m just scaring myself unnecessarily. Also, I got aquainted with every weird noise or bump or shake that the planes made, yet the planes still functioned normally, so that helped too. Maybe you want to force yourself to just go through a few flights in quick succession to try and kill your fears?

    I realise when I was younger, I had no such irrational fear. It was knowledge that made me more afraid. Too much air-crash investigation shows…

    • bookjunkie says:

      you are so sweet to share all this info with me….just wanted to give you a huge thank you 🙂 It really means a lot and in a strange way very comforting too.

      it’s so so true that with more knowledge the irrational fears increase. I never used to have this situational claustrophobia a decade ago. I so desperately want to go back to that time. I also have a fear of something going wrong, but at the moment the thing that I fear the most is having a panic attack. It’s like a fear of a fear…so frustrating because I know it’s all in the mind.

      Sometimes I just wish there was a way to switch off my mind….thoughts seem to run out of control sometimes. Oh how I want to be the daydreamy kid again with not a care in the world.

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