New Restaurant at Jalan Riang: La Pizzaiola (& An Embarrassing Confession about my Pizza Preference)

Jalan Riang is becoming quite the hip place for eateries. It’s just a stretch of shophouses at a residential district near Serangoon, specifically in Braddell Heights. The lastest addition which is already proving to be super popular (we almost could not get a table as we didn’t make reservations) La Pizzaiola, has just joined Wimbly Lu, Jules and Fat Cat. The only problem is, parking can be a headache if you don’t come early.

It has a similar decor to Wimbly Lu. The sky roof, warm lights and bare cement floors. Totally appeals to me. The theme was pretty too – mosaic tile patterned menu. The item that stood out for me was not the pizza but the dessert – specifically the carrot cake. It was unlike the usual carrot cakes with cream. This one was really orange and light. I think it was flourless and gluten free? I’m an instant convert and I highly recommend you try this. My sis loved the chocolate cake which tasted like bitter chocolate. Not so much my kind of thing as I don’t like chocolate stuff that’s too rich. I also hate chocolate mousse. Just wanted to mention that in case any of my relatives are reading. I’m more of a home-made butter cake or old style strawberry cake fan.

This might be a travesty, but I prefer cheesy, creamy, American style Dominoes Pizza to real wood fired and much healthier (more authentic?) Pizzas like this one. I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I’m more of a personal blogger than a food blogger so I guess it’s ok to put this horrendous fact out there. Much like in Frankie Magazine’s latest issue where the writer reveals she prefers flat soft drinks to the fizzy version to the aversion of all around her.

But if you do decided to come here it’s best to make a reservation. My photos will be posted backwards since I liked dessert best.

Pretty take away box with the number you can call to make a reservation.

Loved how the raspberry sauce went with the chocolate.

Latte was just ok. A tad too light, now that I’m spoiled by the stronger stuff at boutique outlets.

Not that found of the garlic bread. It just tasted like pizza dough to me so it was a waste of an order.

My sister loved the eggplant item. For me it was surprisingly good as I don’t care for mushy eggplant. Especially after a bad food poisoning episode at a Vegetarian Restaurant.

Nice open kitchen concept.

A bit of the menu so you can gauge the cost of a meal here.

Sunset at Riang.

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6 Responses to New Restaurant at Jalan Riang: La Pizzaiola (& An Embarrassing Confession about my Pizza Preference)

  1. annonn says:

    Jules Cafe is closing, last day this sat

    • bookjunkie says:

      Oh no really?…that’s sad. I thought they were doing so well too? Do you know where they are moving to?

  2. this looks awesome. Will go try!

  3. Crystal says:

    Many of my friends think I’m a freak because I don’t like pizza, and that seems downright un-American. But I don’t.

    • bookjunkie says:

      Hehehe…that’s cool? I love American version of pizza…loaded with cream and cheese…not the tomato based one 🙂 but I’ve never been to Italy so I don’t really know what Pizza there tastes like.

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