American Meal with lots of Melted Cheese: Roadhouse at 13 Dempsey Road

I have to admit we were a bit disappointed by the meal at Roadhouse.  Not that it was bad or anything, just that we expected it to be as good as what you get in the US. I guess that would be a tall order indeed.  I would love to hear from American expats and what they think of the food here if they have tried it.  The ambience is real nice though. Service was warm and friendly and it was lovely to be in that spacious restaurant looking out into the vast greenery. Maybe our judgement was not fair as we tried the set meal.  Perhaps I should have gone for the ribs instead. But honestly, my favourite restaurant in Dempsey is still Samy’s Curry. Must be my asian tastebuds.

Took lots of nature shots. It’s the loveliest thing about Dempsey.

And now for the food.



Broccoli soup.

The quesadillas were as good as what I’ve had at Chili’s. Perhaps I was just expecting something even more, to wow me.

Cheesey yumminess. I do love cheese but B has a bit of cheese overload.

The menu

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2 Responses to American Meal with lots of Melted Cheese: Roadhouse at 13 Dempsey Road

  1. Katrijn says:

    This post reminded me of some of my own dining experiences in Singapore! Most European food has been altered to suit the Singaporean template, which means we have to tread carefully when ordering something while longing for home – often it doesn’t quite taste the way we expect it to! (Which is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just not what we’re looking for.) I vividly remember looking over the tapas menu at Jones the Grocer and realizing that while they advertise them as “tapas” (Spanish food) actually all the ingredients were Italian! No hardship, obviously, but I was really looking forward to some nice chorizo and mancheca 🙂

    Most Dutch people have a bit of a hard time to come to grips with proper Chinese cuisine as well, the reason being that what we call “Chinese” back home isn’t actually Chinese at all! It’s Peranakan food from Indonesia. The important thing is to realize the differences and adjust your expectations accordingly – we never order “Western style”-dishes in food courts or local restaurants, and we try to educate our palate in the Asian cuisine. I love it when friends take me out and order for me, so I get to taste all sorts of unknown lovely dishes. All help is (such as your wonderful blog!) is much appreciated in our journey of discovery!

    • bookjunkie says:

      For a lot of meals I sometimes don’t even realize they have been modified to suit our tastes (or perhaps due to lack of good ingredients?) till I travel abroad, which is why I love to taste local food when traveling even though I’m not very adventurous. Yeah food is always best in the home country.

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