National Night

A witty satirical music video by Mentos which makes fun of our government’s anxiety that Singaporeans are not producing enough babies. To me it also might be poking fun at sexist rap videos (I take it that way or some of the lines would just make me cringe – too crude). And how ridiculous that they seem to have entered our bedrooms now. My sister sent me this link and I had to share. The $900 stroller bit had me cracking up the most.


Very creative but doesn’t really make me want to go out and buy a pack of Mentos mints. But our authorities may be sharper than I thought and are using a bit of reverse psychology? Makes us seem quite desperate though. I am still uncertain if they were involved but I would think they are? According to Slate they were not and the Candy Company did this on their own.

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2 Responses to National Night

  1. Claire says:

    Have to say, this did make me laugh a lot! We weren’t sure if it was serious or a joke, but either way it was hilarious. I also liked the $900 stroller part 🙂

    • bookjunkie says:

      I’m so curious to know now Claire. I think they might have asked the government (tourist promotion board? SDU?) their blessing since it was on National Day and all 😉 But I don’t think they had any hand in the content probably? Wonder if it will be reported in the news. But it doesn’t seem to have gone viral or anything like that.

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