Shopping at ION

My cousin’s last request before she had to head home (her second home being Australia), was to shop at ION and so we did. I asked her if this was her favourite place for shopping in Singapore and she said yes. We both liked that we could remain underground throughout from Orchard MRT. And if we wanted or got bored we could always venture to the other malls linked to ION like Wheelock Place or Wisma Atria. There are so many food options too – although for local food I prefer Food Republic at Wisma to Food Opera at ION.

Some new stores I never noticed before.

She introduced me to Sephora (I mean really showed me all the products she likes) and this wonderful shower gel (love the vintage picture and that the tube is such a pretty salmon pink) that actually gets warm for a while, when you use it. Wish it could stay really hot for longer. She says I have to talk about it, because I actually like it and it has actually in it’s name like my blog. I imagine we both named it after being inspired by Love Actually the movie. I’m glad I liked it though. It would have been disappointing it I hated it. What she didn’t like about the Sephora here is all the hard selling. She says in other countries they leave you alone and when they help you it’s help you need, not just product pushing. One of the girls left a good impression – but just her. She seemed to be the only one not pushing their products or expensive spa services.

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4 Responses to Shopping at ION

  1. Laura says:

    I didn’t realize you could get Soap & Glory in Singapore – thanks for sharing.

  2. Claire says:

    I love Sephora, but I rarely shop in the Singapore branch, which is really sad because we already have several stores here. Your cousin is right. The hard selling here is such a big, big turn off. If I need something like makeup or am buying a gift in Sephora, I just quickly pop in and scoot out as fast as I can. Can’t stand the girls pushing all those products… they can be relentless, as if we can’t see through them!/ Abroad, you can browse the shelves and try on the products to your heart’s content — peacefully!

    • bookjunkie says:

      Yeah she was so put off by that too. I hope they do something about it. It’s such a turn off. I’m like that too, just a quick pick up of what I want and I’m outta there.

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