Two Visits to Marmalade Pantry at ION (With My Cousin, & By Myself)

I had no interest to try out Marmalade Pantry, although I’ve strolled pass this cafe many a time. It just seemed so open, crowded and not so cosy, and I thought the pricing must be steep. But since my cousin mentioned to me that she had heard good things about it, I was game. We also went on a weekday when the place was relatively empty.

I was surprised by the polite service as I imagined from bad reviews that they would be snooty and ignore us but the young Indian waiter who served us was very nice indeed. I wasn’t impressed by the coffee. The flat white came in a huge cup but tasted a bit too bitter for me. Now that I have been spoilt by all the wonderful indie cafes where coffee is roasted lovingly, my standards have been raised. A year ago I would have been raving about this coffee.

The mains all looked too heavy to me (expensive as well) and I wanted to try the cupcake (S$4.50 which was reasonable). So I was weird as usual and had a starter and then a cupcake. My cousin said who cares, just order what you want. I love her. She was healthy and had a salad. She wanted a cupcake too but was too stuffed after. I think I preferred the cupcake I had at High Society, but it’s a close fight, they were both moist. But no matter how many cupcakes I try, nothing beats what my aunt bakes in terms of taste. They may all look fancy and pretty but I still hanker after my aunt’s fabulous butter cupcakes.

Don’t underestimate what a single fresh flower at the table can do. So lovely.

I went back soon after, but silly me thought I had ordered the latte previously and ordered the same coffee again. I was a bit zombie like due to lack of sleep and just needed the caffeine. Otherwise I should have tried the tea. Service was not as good as the first time, but still passable. Some servers were better. Thank you to the ones who smiled.

Tried the tart lemon glazed cupcake and preferred this to the buttermilk strawberry one I had previously. Still the icing was a bit too sweet. Made me think – am I loosing my sweet tooth? Good if I am, though I doubt it.

Little touches like the way the sugar is presented in pretty glassware are things I appreciate.

Would I come here again? Yes I would. The place was filled with mostly women and I felt right at home.

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