Arteastiq (Sorely Disappointed)

We both felt ripped off and we came here with very high expectations seeing the impressive decor from afar. We were at Mandarin Gallery and passed by the art space cum tea salon the day before and even thought we might do some painting (but we felt a bit self-conscious about it). I still think the concept is cool even though we had a massively disappointing meal experience. Made me wonder how much experience they have in F&B. Perhaps they should expand the art studio concept instead?

We had the afternoon tea set and the items tasted stale. I regret consuming the crab tartlet and it tasted quite bad and I was hoping I wouldn’t get food poisoning after. My cousin actually didn’t touch the stuff after a tiny bite and was shocked that I had finished it. They really need to improve on their freshness and not charge so much. The servers were young and seemed a tad inexperienced, but I must say they were courteous. The place being empty when we were there should have been a sign. There were a few teenaged girls who came by later though.

I really don’t like slamming a place, but I have to be honest and I don’t like it when the experience becomes a clear waste of money. The meal was so dissatisfying that we actually headed to Genki Sushi to fill ourselves up. My cousin has been prodding me to write about the experience and I finally decided I must. She also noticed that the seats that were attractive from afar were stained up close.

The view was nice though. To see the greenery outside. The tea was nothing special and tasted like hot water (it was served poured out) as it was not steeped sufficiently. I am trying to think of something nice to say – I guess the prata roll concept was interesting? The crockery was pretty. The colourful chairs – a nice concept, but it all needs to be maintained. I hope there are improvements made and I will be checking out other blogs to see what the latest experience here is like. Things can change with time but I don’t see myself coming here again.






Great concept with a separate area for painting. I liked that. But as my cousin pointed out, there was a huge irony (that the place was marketed as something different in a money driven society) as we felt ripped off when it came to the tea set. We could have got so much more satisfaction for S$48 for 2 persons elsewhere. I’m not sure about the ala carte items though.  This famous food blogger was disappointed as well but I think his review was much kinder. Do share if you’ve experienced otherwise. I was very shocked to find some reviews praising the place, at a food review site I often check. Could we have had a one off bad experience?


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11 Responses to Arteastiq (Sorely Disappointed)

  1. serene says:

    we were not impressed by the food either but it is a nice place for a cup of tea and a book. do try to paint next time! quite an experience 🙂 and thank you for the link!

  2. Laura says:

    For one of our Xmas presents last year we got given a gift experience for an afternoon tea at a variety of locations, one of them being this place. It looked nice but I’m kind of glad we didn’t choose this one having read this! As it is the place we did choose wasn’t great but that was more because of what we thought we were getting in the ‘experience’ and not because the food was not good, but it was very disappointing. Thanks for sharing as always.

  3. David says:

    Really being a parent no longer makes me agree with high dining prices. Having babies in Singapore is way too expensive. Why have a 48.00 meal when I can have a good one with just 2.50

  4. Grace says:

    Neither did I enjoy having tea at at the Artteastiq. Price is exorbitant. Never going back again.

    • bookjunkie says:

      so I wasn’t the only was extra disappointing as I had brought a family guest from abroad with me and I wanted her to have a good time.

  5. Michelle says:

    felt the same… everyone tells me it’s a must go place… but am utterly disappointed
    the servers doesn’t seem to be able to plan and serve the items with profession and requires the customer to actually help remove cups/ plates from the table…
    plus the way they serve an empty cup is not at all hygienic. for the amt of money customers pay i believe the servers should have the minimal training.

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