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Had to share this brilliant piece by Kirsten Han. It spoke to me as I often grapple with this. Blogging is one way I express myself but I am not just a blogger. I’m happy to be one, and take pride in maintaining a site, and I love writing, but it’s not the whole of me.

It’s easy to dismiss people online but putting them into boxes. I really don’t care for that. Just like if you were working as an administrator in a government office, you’re not just an administrator. That’s just a part of you. If you were a stay at home mum, that’s not the whole of you either. You are that and more. There’s a whole spectrum to people. It’s why I get so irritated when in Singapore that the first question people ask is where you work (does it really matter?) There’s also this unhealthy element of status depending on your job title. It quite sickens me.

The one that really gets me riled up – the term netizen. Yucks. That word when used in our media makes me cringe. It seems to be applied to anyone with an opposing view that doesn’t confirm to the straight and narrow. Kirsten yet again explains this whole issue so well.

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  1. Cloudywind says:

    yah, i hate it too whenever the mainstream media labels us all as netizens 🙁

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