Felt Out of Place at the Currently Coolest Coffee Joint – Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Even though I knew I would not fit in at that place (being the old fogie that I am), I still craved to see it for myself and try the coffee. Businesses in Singapore come and go so fast that if I didn’t check it out now, it might not still be there in a year. And everyone was talking about how this place was trying so hard to be cool. In spite of it, I quite admired the design. And yes, I felt like I was sticking out like a sore thumb among the young and fashionably dressed.

The coffee art looked beautiful, but the coffee did not impress me as much as the cup I had at the original even more atas Papa Pahelta – no bitterness at all in that superior cup. That branch in now closed in favour of this one. And that was just a very hip tasting place where you leave tips. Here there is a menu but it’s annoyingly too cool for school. They don’t say latte, but espresso with milk or espresso with water. But the coffee was superior to places like Oriole. But at least at Oriole you felt a lot more welcome. I have to clarify. They were not at all rude. Just super busy and with the awareness that they are uber chic.

It was nice that no one rudely told me to stop taking photos and in spite of my complaints, I did recommend the place to my cousin P. Anyhoo he’s a lot more hip than I will ever be. And I quite sure that young people don’t use the words cool and hip anymore, but I shall stick to my outdated words.



This is what I mean by trying hard to be cool – the real entrance.

Dissing anyone who owns one of those capsule machines. I have to agree – the capsule drinks are inferior as the machines cannot extract the coffee unless it’s at a higher temperature like with the huge professional machines.


You can almost miss the place and it’s very hard to find a parking spot. We resorted to the public car park a short walk away.

The prices were ok. Cost us S$16 for two espressos with milk (regular) and 1 walnut brownie. $6 each for the coffee and S$5 for the brownie which was ok but a tad dry.

There days I check out Facebook pages only to see if the place is open or not. It’s handy that way and at least we won’t waste a trip is the place is closed for a private event. Here’s the CSHH page. And here’s the address including the postal code (if like us you need to key in the postal code on your car GPS to find the place).

150 Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore 207563

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2 Responses to Felt Out of Place at the Currently Coolest Coffee Joint – Chye Seng Huat Hardware

  1. Gintai says:

    Someone blog about this place before. Over-rated. Highly prized. Won’t last long. I won’t go there. Read http://lohandbehold.com/2012/10/28/peasant-sighting-chye-seng-huat-hardware/

  2. Claire says:

    I’ve been a couple of times as its right near my office. I found the ‘espresso with milk’ thing a bit unnecessary – why just not call it a latte and be done with it?! However, I think the coffee is nice. I’ve also tried the homemade lemonade which was just the right side of sharp. Their sandwiches are also very good. I’ll be going again, as I work in the area and there aren’t too many good lunch choices!

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