Massive Crunch at the New Food Republic Food Court (Parkway Parade)

Want to feel the crunch? Go to a newly opened food court like we did. It was so crazy. At first B said forget it, let’s go somewhere else. But uncharacteristically I persuaded him to walk one more quick round, and we were lucky enough to spot a vacant seat. If not for the blog, I wouldn’t have bothered.

It was like the whole of Singapore has descended on the newly renovated food court at Parkway Parade that’s been taken over by the Food Republic chain. It wasn’t very pleasant to have people hovering over you as you ate. I find that really annoying. By hovering, you’re forcing people to vacate their seat and it’s rude to be so close that you can listen in on their conversation (and it wasn’t even a weekday near an office where you could be excused as you only have 1 hour for lunch). I never see this kind of behaviour anywhere else but Singapore, but then again, only Singapore faces this kind of lack of resources, and too many people. But I guess the density of our population allows us to partake in the variety of new food offerings. If not for the demand from the increasingly population, we might end up being a boring place? Trying to look on the bright side.

I must say the whole place looks a lot prettier with the attractive floor tiles and more comfortable seats that replaced the old plastic ones.

But I miss the Mee Rebus stall. From the forum chatter, I gather that the deal that was provided to the stall holder was not feasible enough for him to continue under their management. Wonder where he has moved to. I used to love the soya bean curd. Guess I have to try out the new stall to see if the bean curd matched up, but I didn’t. Had nasi pandang instead and it was pretty tasty. I really liked the new Kueh Tutu stall – a wonderful, freshly made dessert with friendly servers.

Found the coffee too bitter.

I wish they would fry this on the spot. Disappointing when snacks are cold. Glad there is yellow bean ham chin pang though.

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