CNY 2013: Chinese New Year Festivities at People’s Park Complex

In Chinatown I like the immediate area around People’s Park Complex. Outside the complex there is authentic street food from China. I love the spicy buns. They are like chinese burgers – so delicious. But you have to be prepared to be bumped into and people who walk straight into you. Just tell yourself that it’s all part of the charm.

I could not resist getting some tutu kueh. If this is your first time in Singapore, you must try it. It’s a very light dessert. I always choose the grated coconut as filling and not the peanut.

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54446

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54463

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54460

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54459

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54458

And there’s unique funny things to spot like lucky red lingere at OG Department store around the corner.

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54457

I got a clearer shot of the snake. It’s quite impressive and it winds all the way down the road. Awesome that it’s body was made up of beautiful yellow lanterns. I had to add light to the picture as it was a cloudy day but we were lucky to just miss the torrential downpour.

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54430

Can you spot your zodiac sign?

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54466

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54465

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54464

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54462

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54461

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54456

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54455

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54454

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54453

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54452

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54451

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54450

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54449

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54448

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54447

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54445

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54444

At First Emporium (supermarket) you can get stuff you used to find at your primary school tuck-shop.

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54443

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54442

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54441

It’s all about the pandas. I’ve yet to meet them as I’m not patient or crazy (ok enthusiastic) enough to queue.

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54440

For the authentic emporium experience, come to People’s Park. It’s like going back to the seventies – well, almost.

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54439

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54438

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54437

The view from the top is always pretty awesome. I like to see the contrast of the red against the buildings.

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54436

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54435

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54434

I find the yellow lanterns prettier than the box shape red ones. I hope the decorations get even more interesting closer to Chinese New Year.

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54433

It was not really a sunny day – the trick of editing.

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54432

This was how dark it really was before I edited the photo.

cny2013peoplesparkcomplex - 54431

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8 Responses to CNY 2013: Chinese New Year Festivities at People’s Park Complex

  1. Katrijn says:

    Your shot of the red bikini’s (or is it proper underwear?) reminds me that in Italy apparently both men and women wear red underwear at New Year’s Eve – is that a Chinese custom as well?

    I saw the snake too today and it is very impressive! Love your picture!

  2. Wow that snake definitely looks impressive. Seems like the CNY decorations this year are much nicer than the recent Christmas decorations at Orchard Road.

    Those Ling Mong Tablet candies! I had no idea they are still being sold. My grandparents used to give us those to munch on when we were kids!

  3. germanglobetrotter says:

    Hi, bookjunkie!

    Where can we see a Lion Dance Show and/or any public CNY traditional events between 4 and 18 Feb. that could be interesting for tourists ?? Thanks!!

    • bookjunkie says:

      This website might be useful. Usually lion dances happen randomly all over Singapore. Even at offices for good luck.

      there seems to be a lion dance competition on 26 & 27 Jan at night. I saw the information here.

      • germanglobetrotter says:

        Thanks for the info and links. We will arrive in Singapore on 4 Feb, so no chance of seeing the lion dance competition :'(

        • bookjunkie says:

          I’m sure you’ll chance upon a random lion dance at a mall or even as you walk around Singapore, during that period. Once I chanced upon a random dragon dance just across the road from a cafe.

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