St Marc Cafe is Ruining My Resolve to Eat Healthy

I know I should have just stuck to the Earl Grey tea, but everything here is just so tempting. How can you not try the parfaits (including jello like pudding, cornflakes and pieces of cake too) or the buns? It was my first time trying the potato bun and it was so yummy (with Japanese style mayo on it). Oh why can’t healthy food be just as tasty and not so bland in comparison. It really sucks. I should avoid this cafe but every time I visit Vivo I start to make a beeline for this place.

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vivocny2013 - 54419

vivocny2013 - 54418

vivocny2013 - 54417

vivocny2013 - 54416

vivocny2013 - 54414

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3 Responses to St Marc Cafe is Ruining My Resolve to Eat Healthy

  1. Lady J says:

    Yup, those choc crossiants are ruining my diet too! But oh so worth it! Hehe

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