Getting Rid of Distractions

With the proliferation of the internet and smart phone in our lives, well my life at least, I find myself constantly distracted. Also this constant need to be entertained (which is so easy with the smart phone that it’s becoming a crutch). Previously I would entertain myself with a book.

I pledge to read the written word but mostly what I do read is off a lighted screen. I have information literally in my hands but is all that information necessary or even useful. I have to confess that most of it is trivia. I ask myself, am I really leaning anything substantial?

I need to get down to focusing on one thing and doing it slowly and well. Like reading a book, flipping the pages slowly and not rushing through. Perhaps it’s ok if I don’t know the meaning of a particular word or reference. Checking it on the internet just halts the reading process. At times like these I wish to return to the 90’s when all I had for checking was a physical dictionary and often I didn’t bother but tried to figure out the meaning based on the context, and moved on.

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2 Responses to Getting Rid of Distractions

  1. I totally hear you on this one! A smartphone does so much that it is too easy to rely on it for everything. At home, I sometimes intentionally leave it in a different room from the one I am in to reduce the temptation of scrolling through random apps and such!

    • bookjunkie says:

      I feel so lost without it in my hands…it’s becoming an addiction and sort of eating into my productivity even though it makes me feel so falsely productive.

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